WATCH: David Hogg Goes After People Claiming He’s an Actor: ‘We Don’t Give a S**t’


In a new interview with Vice, David Hogg addressed the controversy behind his rising fame. Many have claimed that Hogg is a crisis actor because he appeared on CBS Los Angeles after an argument between a lifeguard and a surfer.

“We’ve had to learn to deal with these sick f**kers that are saying this stuff that are out there claiming that we’re not real people, claiming that we’re actors,” he said. “We don’t give a s**t what you say. We’re not afraid.”


Hoaxers Say Survivors of Mass Shootings Are “Crisis Actors"

"This isn't a fucking conspiracy. This is real life, and people are fucking dying."Immediately after the tragedy in Parkland, conspiracy theorists claimed that the school shooting was staged, and that survivors were actors.

Posted by VICE on Thursday, March 29, 2018

“To the people that are out there that actually believe what he says, do some f**king research and show me some credible evidence to what he’s saying about me.”

Alex Jones of Infowars was one of the leaders of the charge to claim Hogg was a “crisis actor.” Jones’ son even challenged Hogg to a debate because of his attacks on the “First Amendment.”

Hogg addressed Jones directly in the video, saying, “He’s a conspiracy theory-peddling alt-right f**k who doesn’t do any research.”

He added, “Honestly, the guy’s pretty smart in the sense that he’s able to fool all these Americans — well over 2 million — into believing all the crazy s**t he says, just so he can sell them stuff.”