Piers Morgan Asks, ‘Where Would Britain Be Without’ Your Massive Guns — Ben Shapiro Has 2 Words


In classic Ben Shapiro fashion, the conservative writer known for his Twitter snark gave British commentator Piers Morgan a quick, two-word history lesson Tuesday.

Morgan, responding to a Twitter troll who told him he’s “not interested in a redcoat” opining about U.S. policy on guns, tweeted, “Where would Britain be without you & your massive GUNS?!”

Shapiro took Morgan down with one tweet:

Former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka then weighed in, calling Shapiro’s tweet “brutal,” which sparked Morgan’s ire once again:

Then the responses started pouring in:

Let Morgan’s experience serve as a cautionary tale: If you’re going to criticize the Second Amendment, this probably isn’t the best way.