CNN Contributor Says Trump’s New Nickname for Obama Has ‘Racial Undertones’


In response to President Donald Trump giving former President Barack Obama one of his famous nicknames, Jen Psaki, CNN contributor and former White House communications director, said that because of Trump’s history, the nickname has “racial undertones.”

Trump tweeted his new nickname for Obama on Tuesday:

“The president brought up former President Obama, your former boss,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper said to Psaki. “He blamed him for ‘basically creating no border.’ That followed a tweet this morning in which he called, with zero context — I didn’t even understand what he was talking about, he was talking about his poll numbers in Rasmussen — ‘higher than Cheatin’ Obama.’”

Watch the video below:

“Given Trump’s history, you can also guess that there might be racial undertones there,” Psaki said. “He was the founder of the ‘birther’ movement. Perhaps I’m going to a very evil place with that, but I think history tells us that’s a possibility.”

“You think he’s saying that because he’s black, he cheats?” Tapper asked.

“I don’t know. If he cheated, if he shouldn’t be president, if he wasn’t warranted to be president. There’s lots of possibilities,” Psaki replied.